Andrew Walsh-Lister is currently based between the US and UK, where he is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Art at University of Brighton. Together with Matthew Stuart he co-edits / runs Bricks from the Kiln ( an irregular journal / multifarious publishing platform established in mid-2015.

1. Ton Bruynèl, Rain (excerpt) 2. Trade Horne, Here Comes the Rain 3. Ruth White, Mists and Rains 4. Beth Anderson, Ocean Motion Mildew Mind 5. Ariel Kalma, Voltage Controlled Wave 6. The Kasuals, Listen to the Rain 7. Brad Suggs, Cloudy 8. Vorhees, The Bath 9. Toyomitsu Yokota, Comeback Love 10. Helen Shapiro, It Might as Well Rain Until September 11. Sandalwood, Sleepy Rain 12. Sum Sum, Misty Sunset 13. 800 Cherries, Rainy Poppy Field 14. HMV Weather Effects, Wind 15. Jacket Weather, Jacket Weather (casiotone) 16. Lillettes, Air Conditioning 17. Lily Greenham, RRR

Image: Untitled Cloud, Eileen Rae Walsh